"Making Technology Serve You!"

"Making Technology Serve You!"

“SSD (Solid state disks) are like bacon. They just make everything better!”-David Cameron, Hytek-Solutions, LLC.

Have you ever bought a new computer, and just a few weeks later, it started to run like crap, only to find your disk was pegged at 100%??  If that is true, or even if you just have an old computer with the same symptoms, then you definitely need a Solid State Disk (SSD). 

If your computer does not have an SSD, let me tell you what you are missing out on. I compare it to the first time I experienced cable internet when it first came out. Compared to dial up, cable internet was (and still is) so much faster; it felt like I had a new computer again! I get this same feeling with SSD. It replaces your hard drive, which contains spinning platters and mechanical parts with flash memory.


Samsung is producing 4TB SSD drives for the mass market. Hopefully this will be much more affordable soon!  If your computer is slow, give me a call @ 720-460-0094!